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PrimeLending is a name that’s been known for strength and stability for almost three decades. The PrimeLending team in Dallas is committed to helping you navigate the home financing process and achieve your dreams of homeownership. Our home financing programs come with personal attention and straightforward guidance from local expertise throughout the Dallas market.

Get Prequalified»

A pre-qualification is a great practice run before you officially apply for your mortgage. Similarly, to a mortgage application, your trusted mortgage lender will evaluate the information you provide – your credit score and your current income, assets and debts – to determine roughly how much mortgage you should be able to afford.

VA Loans in Dallas

While a VA loan cannot be utilized to purchase a commercial or investment property, homebuyers and homeowners can use these loans to achieve a variety of goals. Which VA loan is right for you?

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  • A VA Purchase Loan can be used to fund the purchase of a home or VA-approved condo, to build a home, to simultaneously buy and renovate a home, or to purchase a farm. A VA loan can also be used to fund the installation of energy-efficient features and other improvements.
  • A VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan can be used to refinance an existing loan into a VA loan. It can also be used to access the borrower’s existing equity.
  • A VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan offers the chance to refinance an existing VA loan. Sometimes called a VA-to-VA or a Streamline loan, this type of loan is a great way to secure a lower monthly payment or a better interest rate

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FHA loan paper


Federal Housing Administration

FHA does not actually make mortgages, rather they insure them assuming the loan meets their guidelines. Here, the government replaces the private insurer and FHA actually insures the mortgage that the lender makes.

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United States Department of Agriculture

Expand your horizons with the USDA Guarantee Rural Housing Program offered by PrimeLending. This program is a great way for you to finance a new home or refinance your current home.

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Your Home. Our Mission.

Put more money into your home with a VA No Lender Fee»» Loan. By securing a VA loan with PrimeLending, your savings really do add up—if you’re counting, it’s in the thousands!

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VA Loan Limits for 2021

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